Where and How to get the Golden Eggs on Angry Birds Game?

I was kinda hooked up with the Angry Birds game eventhough the game is so simple, one can get addicted to it just like the old Super Mario Bros. and Plants versus Zombies lately. I finished all the levels on Angry Birds, but I didn’t get all 3 stars on every level. What really keeps me hooked to this game is finding the hidden golden eggs on some levels and that’s what I really need to find out. I still have to find more more golden eggs right at this writing, so good luck to me.

By the way, here are some few tips on where to find some golden eggs on some levels and how to get it. Credits to videogamesblogger.com.

This are the golden eggs I've collected so far...

Where to find and collect Golden Eggs #1-9 in Angry Birds

Golden Egg #1: Let the credits scroll, you’ll find a Golden Egg at the conclusion. – This is the easiest to find a golden egg for me, so go and let the credits scroll till the end and click the golden egg as it appears.

Golden Egg #2: Tap on the Sun in the background after clicking “Play”. – This is also one of the easiest to collect the golden egg. After starting the game, click the “PLAY” and then click on the sun at the background at the center bottom of the screen and there you’ll have the golden egg.

Golden Egg #3: While on any level, click “II” followed by the Question Mark. Now play the picture of the White Birds. – This also is simple, on any level of the game, press pause and then keep pressing the “Check” button to keep the picture playing until such time you see a golden egg on the fourth picture.

Golden Egg #4: Get all of the Stars for Theme’s 1, 2 and 3. Alternatively, you can beat your previous high score in each theme to find the Golden Egg. – I haven’t tried this yet but as you mastered the game this will be easy for you but you just have to keep playing to master it.

Golden Egg #5: Earn all three Stars on Themes 4 and 5. Alternatively, beat a high score on Themes 4 and 5. – And good luck on this one, it requires mastery on the game and familiarization on how to get 3 stars.

Golden Egg #6: Click on the Treasure Chest underneath the building on level 1-8. – I think I already got the egg and just forgot if I really do because when I tried it once more while writing this it seems no golden egg on it that will appear after clicking it.

Golden Egg #7: On level 2-2, find the Beachball and smash it. – This golden egg will be easy to get since the materials around it are made of glasses so breaking it until you hit the ball is effortless.

Golden Egg #8: In level 4-7, first zoom out. You’ll notice a yellow bird in the top right corner that gives you this Golden Egg. – Easy just zoom out the screen and golden egg will be seen.

Golden Egg #9: In level 5-19, first Zoom Out. You’ll find it above the rocket, it’s outside your viewing area but you’ll see it when the screen scrolls up a bit. Use a Yellow Bird or drop a bomb with a White Bird in order to make the carcass’ fly up. Either of these methods can net you this Golden Egg. – I kept on trying but this one is a bit harder than I thought. Since you can’t see where to aim it should waste your time trying to get it.

Where to find and collect Golden Eggs #10-14 in Angry Birds

Golden Egg #10: In level 6-14, you’ll see a yellow balloon underneath a treehouse on the right side. Use a new bird and a Boomerang to hit the balloon and score this Golden Egg. – It would be a little bit harder to get this using the first boomerang bird. What I did was smash first the obstacles with the first 3 birds and the last boomerang bird will get the yellow balloon easy for you.

Golden Egg #11: To the right of the “Coming Soon” screen, the eighth theme, you can find the Golden Egg by sliding the page to the left. The Golden Egg will be on your right.

Golden Egg #12: You get this new egg by getting 3 stars on Themes 6, 7 and 8 (Episode 3, Danger Above).

Golden Egg #13: This egg is found on Levels 8-15 in the left hand bottom corner, where you have to get a bird past the boxes to hit the golden egg. – Just use the bouncy balloon to get you to the bottom where there are two boxes hiding the golden egg.

Golden Egg #14: Go to Levels 9-14 and zoom out, it’s in the right hand bottom corner. Fling a bird towards it to grab it. – After zooming out, you will see a golden egg wearing a construction yellow hard hat, just don’t use the pink bird because it cannot ever reach to that area since it is a heavy one. I used the Boomerang bird to reach it without using its boomerang power.

Ok, good luck on finding some golden eggs on Angry Birds.

After I got all the golden eggs, next will be where to find and collect stars.

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