GSM F88 Watch

GSM F88 Watch was made by CEC Corp in China especially for China’s most famous ping pong (Table Tennis) players. This is not just an ordinary watch because it has built-in mobile phone capabilities, unbelievable? But yes, you read it right, a watch with built-in mobile phone. It has a 26K colors CTN display, a built-in microphone, speaker phone, voice dialing, 4 minutes voice recording, IrDA connectivity and organization tools like scheduler, alarm clock and reminder note. It also has a pre-installed world cup games. It has a built-in 3 megapixel 180-degree rotating camera, so video conferencing is possible for this devise. Approximately, almost everything a normal camera can do is incorporated in this GSM F88 Watch, it weighs 100 gram with size 38.3 x 76.7 x 17 cm.

Incredible, isn’t it? I think it is bulky to use as a watch, but still, I wanted to have one. And used it as a superhero gadget.

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