Hair Transplant to Your Confidence

Bald problems? Most male Americans have this problem and having a cool gadgets won’t cover the baldness of your hair, so, a hair restoration procedures must be performed to stop the problem.

Patients from anywhere in the world having problems with their hair comes to Miami and New York hair transplants to have their hair replacement procedures performed by one of the US recognized hair transplant experts in restoration Dr. Jeffrey Epstein at the FHR.

New York Hair Transplants, the information enclosed with this website can assist your questions and give you back your self-confidence.


  1. Yes, I agree, hair transplant isn't what it used to be. Today, a scientific approach has been instituted. The people who are in need of these procedures are given thoughtful care and analysis before they receive their new look.
    I know several people who have been a recipient of this new approach.

  2. Dr.Epstein is a great hair transplant doctor.Actually There are lot of hair transplant clinics in Pakistan,India,Singapore,Thailand which follow the trends and techniques of Dr.Epstein.