One of the most frequent of all plastic surgery procedures is Rhinoplasty, or surgery to redesign the nose. It can decrease or increase the dimension of your nose, change the form of the tip or the bridge, thus making the span of the nostrils fine, or modify the angle connecting your nose and your upper lip. It may perhaps correct a birth defect or injury, or help alleviate some breathing problems. San Jose rhinoplasty is where plastic surgeons perform both cosmetics and reconstructive surgery. San Jose Magazine calls Dr. Matthew Mingrone as one of San Jose’s Top Docs, as one testimony says, "Dr. Mingrone's work was perfect. He is an extremely skilled surgeon" so what can you ask for more? Come and visit him for your surgery needs.

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  1. rhinoplasty
    will do good in the field of cosmetic surgery.As shaping or reshaping up of nose will add different and better look to the face.
    This will definitely improve one's look with well suited nose structure .