Sony VaioRB40 Computer

This is another installment from one of the world’s leading technological manufacturers. The Sony VAIO RB40 Desktop Computer is equipped with the latest hardware. This desktop computer opens the possibility of the expansion of your multimedia needs and at the same time giving you the convenience of what a pc should be, The pc’s specifications are listed in detail below, however some points must be specified for you to know the value of this device.

The processor is Intel Pentium 4 with an installed memory of 512 MB. It can receive either from a Ddram or an Sdram. The maximum memory can host up to 2 gigs of free space.

The Sony VAIO RB40 desktop computer includes A DVD/ RW CD ROM drive for storage and reproduction purposes. For those of you who want to manage their music for their listening pleasure, or the photos taken, this PC has exclusive Sony softwares to suit your needs. There are slot types provided for the users to take advantage of since this is an exclusive offer only. The ports are for PCI, Memory, CompactFlash Card, PCI Express x1, PCI Express x16, SmartMedia Card, Memory Stick, SD Memory Card, XD-Picture Card. The Sonic Stage Digital software will help you download and manage your music in your PC. The Picture Gear Studio is incharge of your photo storage, sharing or enhancement. The PC also features an advanced way of burning DVDs and cds. With its dual layer capacity it burns DVDs and stores up to 8.5GB of recording capacity.

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