HomeRemote Z-Wave / Wi-Fi home controller

It took them a year and a half, but Hawking Technologies has finally started shipping the HomeRemote, that net-enabled Z-Wave controller that can be acessed via any web browser -- even a cellphone browser. Looking a little sleeker than before, the $229 box serves as the master controller for all those Z-Wave devices you have in your house, and runs a slick web interface so you can turn your lights on and open the garage door from anywhere in the world. Add in the $179 HomeRemote camera and the system will also stream video -- we're not sure how good it'll look over "any cellphone web browser" but Hawking says it'll work just fine. Make sure to check the read link for Hawking's hilarious promo video in which the video feature is used to futilely monitor a dog eating a shoe. -Engadget

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