The Greatest Gadgets of All Time

The Paper Clip
Although small and inexpensive, it's hard to imagine life without the irreplacable paper-clip

The Gutenberg Press
It's communications technology, it's wireless, and it changed the world by making printing of books and newspapers a commerically viable enterprise.

Your cold food simply cannot live without it (unless you don't mind melting ice). Not only did its function change the atmosphere of the kitchen forever, but the style and visual appeal of a particluar unit (stainless steel, ice dispenser, etc.) are usually what defines the look and value of the kitchen or even the entire house.

Telephone/Cell Phone

The Calculator

Batteries (Disposable or Rechargeable, Take Your Pick)

The Movie Camera

IBM PC 5150 personal computer


Video Game

RCA CT-100 television

Not the drink, the tool. Imagine an airplane (or a computer) held together by nails.

Acheulean Hand Axe


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