Study: Wii will continue to outsell Xbox 360 and PS3 -

A new study has shot to pieces the theory that the Wii's limited grunt will stall its popularity. The study also reinforces how important it is for Sony to rectify the perception that there is a lack of good games for the PlayStation 3 (PS3).

Market research company BrandIntel analyzed information from more than 400,000 blog, forum, and social networking comments, and concluded that more mainstream gamers intend on buying the Wii than either the Xbox 360 or PS3.

"As the console war heats up again for the holiday season, Nintendo has been able to successfully target a new audience of casual gamers which has opened up new revenue opportunities for the company," BrandIntel vice president Alan Dean told PC World.

The study reveled that the Wii was still generating a lot more positive consumer buzz than the PS3 and Xbox 360, although the Xbox 360 was well regarded because of its impressive games line up.

While the PS3 was widely viewed as a technically superior machine, it was "perceived more more negatively than the Wii and Xbox 360 due in part to its high cost and lack of attractive games", according to Dean.

Last week it was revealed that cumulative global Wii sales had overtaken those of the Xbox 360 (which had the next-generation console market to itself for itself for a year).'s own very scientific online study of 2320 gamers found that 36% of gamers think the Wii will win this round of the console war, while 28% think the PS3 will prevail. Only 22% believe the Xbox 360 will make a comeback.

Mind you, 2% of gamers think think their mum will win the console war, and another 1% think that Chuck Norris will (who the hell is Chuck Norris, anyway - just joking).

We've even had significant numbers of gamers vote for the Nintendo 64 (33), themselves (33), the PlayStation 2 (33), the PC (28), and the Vectrex (11) - now that was a cool console, but I don't think it will the next-generation console war.

Yes, we did let gamers add options to the poll, which is why I guess we had two people voting for "Hulkamania and Nintendo and Apple" and 10 people voting for poop. Whatever.

Anyway, it's clear that the Wii's popularity won't fade anytime soon. Not good news for gamers who like games with grunt.

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