Toshiba: Gigashot A100 Series is Small, Full HD Camcorder from Toshiba - Gizmodo

"10 x zoom lens Real-V engine reduces picture noise. Records in 1920×1080i and 1440×1080i resolution at 60fps in MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 format. Recording modes of XQ, HQ, or SP A100 has 12 hours' capacity of full HD video, 23 hours of standard 35 mm Fujinon lens with 45 mm diameter 3-inch LCD screen (320 x 240 res) SDHC-compatible SD card slot Audio recording at16bit/48kHz at 384 kbps bit rate Measures 78.1 × 135.4 × 79.0 mm A100F weighs 495 grams A40F weights 485 grams Battery life approx 75 mins Lithium ion battery Comes with AC adapter, remote control, USB cable, AV cable and D terminal cable."

Wow!!! I feel so lame now... this is something I want and I can hardly have it... please somebody give me something like this... ;)

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