This Short Page Tells A Story Of How I Turned My Pc Into A TV

By Victor Emeka

This short page tells a story of How I Turned my PC into a TV, and started watching Satellite TV programs directly on my computer, without any TV Tuner cards or Satellite Tuner cards, cables, analog antennas, cable TV subscriptions (eliminating monthly fees), and no digital cable or satellite TV subscriptions.

I travel and work around the world, and move house a lot, so out of pure frustration of always needing to hook up with a new local cable company every time I moved, I got fed up, but ended up finding something better. On top of all the re-connections and hassles, monthly fees like $40, $60, $90 each and every month, don't seem like much at first, but really added up over a year, and frankly I'd rather spend that money on a very fast Internet connection.

I'm not a technically inclined person. Especially when it comes to trying to make your PC or laptop into a TV, so basically I was looking for a quick and easy solution. After days of Web searches, and trawling through tons of forum posts and information sites (have you done this before? ...its a nightmare) on how to make your PC into a TV, all the information I found mostly went along the same old lines of...

Most of them said to get TV on your PC you would have to... Subscribe to a good cable or satellite TV provider (and pay monthly fees) >> Search around for and buy a TV Tuner card (and make sure it has the capability to do what you need) >> Install the card, buy more cables and hook up your cable or sattelite TV >> Search around again for good software to manage channels... configure the software... etc etc etc... and on and on.... and all I want to do is watch freekin TV on my PC !

So I searched for a better way that I can watch my favorite TV shows, Sports, and movies all on my laptop computer. My laptop is like my third arm, and I do pretty much everything on it.... so why not watch TV on my laptop as well?

Now don't get me wrong, I like big TV screens and nice home theater setups just like everyone else, but when your traveling around the place, and moving all the time its a pain in [you know what] transporting massive TVs around... or should I say pain in the foot... literally... I nearly broke my foot moving one >>>

But I didn't give up, and glad I didn't either because the easy way to get Satellite TV on my PC was just around the corner, much easier than carting Real TVs around the place. If I had of given up, I would not have found this easy solution and ended up crushing more feet ;-)

I also wanted to watch overseas TV shows, Sports, and Movies in any country (and different languages), and not pay ongoing monthly fees for various services. I'm sure everyone has experienced trying to watch the big game, and then missing it because your cable or satellite company doesn't carry it. As you've probably seen, there are many different ways of getting TV on your PC, especially when you go and search for Satellite TV. I've looked at most of them, but nothing really satisfied me until I found a unique Software.

What made me interested in this site is their software allows you to view Satellite TV directly on your computer almost instantly, through a special software application that you can download straight away - I didn't have to signup to long-winded forms or wait for CDs in the mail. And the other thing which was very attractive to me is that it was a once off payment!

The site did look a little strange to me at first, because I have been scammed on the Internet before, and I didn't want to lose my time and cash to somebody who was just stealing peoples money. So I emailed their support department to ask a few questions. I didn't want to deal with somebody who never answered their e-mail. That's the problem I had last time when I got scammed before.

But this service answered the 3 e-mails I sent within hours. All 3 times the support responses were friendly and helpful, and so this reassured me that I would get what they had claimed on their Web site (more recently though, their software has become so popular that they do not answer support emails directly at their info email, because of the huge demand for this service. However after you purchase the product they have a special technical support department email address that you can ask questions with). I thought I would try it out, So I decided to go ahead and order Satellite TV for PC, then downloaded the software... And it was one of the best decisions I could have made...

The download files were about 13MB in size total. I also needed to get the very latest version of Windows Media Player (this software is completely free, and can be downloaded from Microsoft's download Web site).

After downloading and installing all the software, I was then able to easily run the main program which looked something like this... The one with the black screen is the Software and the download Web site is the one in the background. Then I did some tests... and I accessed some of my favorite programs...

From left to right: ESPN Sports Channels, Basketball, Football, Fox News, Music Video Clips, Ministry of Sound

There's a lot more than this, but would be too much to put up on this Web site. Everything that the Satellite TV for PC Web site stated was 100% true. I could access Live TV programs for many countries around the world. I downloaded the software instantly, and accessed Satellite TV instantly, all with a once off cost to me - and I did not need to buy anything more (no video cards, tuner cards, subscriptions etc). It was also good to find that the software did not come with any nasty adware or spyware.

I couldn't believe that I actually got access to Satellite TV without paying any monthly fees. But I did.

With the money I'm saving by not having to pay monthly fees to Satellite TV and cable companies, I now spend on getting a bigger and better Internet connection.

I have no problem in recommending Software for anyone who wants instant access to Satellite TV worldwide all on your PC.

Happy Channel Surfing!

Victor is a successful webmaster, author and fan of TV shows. Discover how you can instantly watch satellite TV on PC, tuning into hundreds of LIVE world channels of news, movies, music and kids program at

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