Lenovo's IdeaPad U110 is now available

Just as expected, Lenovo has updated its webstore with the shiny new IdeaPad U110. The 11.1-inch ultraportable is available for customizing right now in black or red, and both hues start at $1,899. Currently, the red variant touts a 3- to 5-day wait before shipment occurs, while the black model isn't likely to head your way for 2- to 3-weeks. Of course, Lenovo may be padding those figures a touch, but there's your worst-case scenarios, anyway. Your route to being nearly two grand poorer starts at the read link below.

Ohhh... I don't wanna be two grand poorer by just having this lenovo's IdeaPad U110 shipped to me. I can still wait until it is available locally.

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