iPhone is now available for 3G Video chat

Well, that is only rumors for now, because of the new leaked photos or images online about the new iPhone model that enables a video chat.

The 3G video chat allows iPhone to iPhone video communications on the fly via the front camera. According to the text, you can also chat with your iChat buddies if you're using Wi-Fi as well. Hot! Hit up Crunchgear for the rest of the pics. The only weirdness that we can see is that the (RED) version has no power toggle. Here's hoping these leaked pics are real, because we're really stoked about that video conferencing feature.

If that is possible, why Apple doesn't have any announcement yet about their rumored new iPhone model? or this is just their way of marketing to the people? Hmmmm... I can smell something fishy here.

Anyway, if this is really true then you can say hello Carlos! while watching him on your iPhone's screen.

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