Kingston’s 8GB DataTraveler

The DataTraveler Style comes with six fashionable skins: Bamboo, Lace, Redhead Mosaic, Retro, Sunflower, and Tangerine Dream. Those choices don’t do it for you? Kingston lets style-conscious geeks upload images (479 x 165 pixels) that they can print out and insert under the DataTraveler Style’s transparent skin cover.

A slide-out USB connector guarantees you won’t have to scramble for lost caps, and an included lanyard means you can keep the drive on your person at all times. But the beauty of the Kingston DataTraveler Style is only skin-deep. We weren’t keen on the plastic shell, as it feels as if it would crack under pressure, even if it is backed by a very nice five-year warranty.

Well, it is no Sean Kingston the singer but it is an Kingston’s 8GB DataTraveler. I don't mind if it is not the fastest USB on the block as long as it has more storage for your file, I am solve for that. But not only that because this Kingston’s 8GB DataTraveler will stand out in the crowd because it is fashionable with it's six available skins, for only $42.32.

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