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Offices and other establishments nowadays are being secured with the new technology. I am talking about the Speech recognition system devices. Speech recognition can be applied in voice dialing, call routing, domotic appliance control and content-based spoken audio search, simple data entry - specially when entering a credit card number, accessing restricted places, voice recognition daily time records and many more. The list is almost endless for this device usability.

How about IVR Software? IVR means Interactive Voice Response. This system is perfectly suitable for call centers applications, since this can be used to provide automated self-service to inbound callers. In this case, using the IVR system will provide significant cost reductions over human operators. So, Call centers don't have to hire more for the purpose of doing the job of the IVR.

I got this sample IVR call flow from the net:

IVR Call Flows

A sample IVR call flow might sound like this:

IVR: Hello, and thank you for calling the NRA. Would you like to Join the NRA, Contribute to the NRA, or Locate your Election Volunteer Coordinator?
Caller: Election Volunteer Coordinator
IVR: Thank you. What zip code would you like to find an Election Volunteer Coordinator for?
Caller: 80919
IVR: Thank you, the Election Volunteer Coordinator for zip code 80919 is Tom James at (719)555-1212. His e-mail address is

And the best system technology I like the most is the voice biometrics the most viable authentication method or system, since I always transact business online specially banking and money transfer. voice biometrics technology promise online banking safety. This device or system have served mostly online banking, finance and corporation sectors, and on my online banking and finance transactions, I always make sure they have this system because it assures security and safety. You can also use it with your mobile phone. The system doesn't use phonetic or linguistic technology but biometric technology, Its Batvox biometric voice verification is used in forensic labs reports presented to courts in many European countries.

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