Cisco Cius: Made for Business People and not for ANGRY BIRD Gamers

So here comes a newly launched tablet, the Cisco Cius. Many would say Cisco is already 40 years late to join in the arena of tablet wars. But I would say, they are just at the right time. If they were late then why would they praise HP TouchPad that was just launched recently and I never heard anyone say they are too late?

Anyway, Cisco Cius was made for business people and not for people who just want to buy a tablet and play ANGRY BIRD and/or brag to their friends about their new cool gadget.

Cius uses Google Android software which is used in a number of smartphones and a growing number of tablet PCs nowadays, which will also allow the company's business customers to tap into the growing Android developer community, which is developing new business-class products.

I am sure if you are a business man I am sure this tablet will awe you because it has front- and rear-facing cameras that record in high definition for video conferencing meeting and a 7-inch high-resolution screen. The device will be integrated with Cisco's TelePresence video conferencing system to provide one-click access to video conferences. And it will also be integrated with the WebEx meeting products. Cius tablet can connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi or whether you are on the road, it is not a problem because you can also connect through a 3G cellular network.

Product Overview
Cisco Cius™ (Figure 1) is a mobile collaboration tablet built for business. It is designed to help organizations capitalize on the value of mobility by enabling anywhere, anytime access to important business features:
• Campus mobility with IEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n, and broad mobility with 3G (4G planned) cellular support
• High-resolution multi-touch color display with an intuitive user interface
• High-definition (HD) video with Cisco TelePresence™ solution interoperability
• Virtual desktop client integration (VDI) and cloud computing
• Full range of Cisco Collaboration and Unified Communication applications
• Open access to the Google Android Market with appropriate IT controls
• Expanded Android applications for business, linking Cisco Collaboration APIs through a software developer kit (SDK)
• Accessories, sold separately, which include base stations for enhanced capabilities and carrying cases for stylish yet functional protection while mobile

Read more about the product at Cisco Cius site to learn more about the tablet.


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