Top 6 Android Launcher for your Smartphone

6. For stability you will definitely love to use Nova. I want this for my Smartphone because it's steady, user friendly yet fast. This launcher is available for Android 4.0 and above. You better use Nova now or cry later... Hahaha, just kidding about crying. Anyway, you can upgrade to Nova Prime for 4 dollars to get few more features that includes scrollable dock and few more.

5. launcher will give you a sense of freshness. Yes, it is something new in the eye. Its features includes the home screen search widget that queries your apps, messages, files and also the web for keywords. What are you waiting for? Give it a try now and be fresh!

4. Apex Launcher - Widget resizing, set duration of your phone vibrations, etc. This launcher will make your home screen to look like stock Android and if you upgrade to Apex Launcher pro, you will get new features like two-finger gestures, etc. Available for android phones running 4.0 and up.

3. There are a lot of iPhone launcher, iPad Launcher etc. I am both user of the two Smartphone OS, but I started using iOS and the first time I used android phone, I was a bit alienated about how it does but I am a fast learner so its not a problem. But if you miss swiping like your iOS device on your new Android device, then you gotta have Esper Launcher to make your home screen look like iOS. Be aware that this launcher may varies from phone to phone, so you better check if your device is compatible or not.

2. If some people wanted their android phones look like iOS, some people would also want to make their phones look like Windows phone, so here's Launcher 8 that will surely make your android home screen look like those colorful square tiles.

1. Let's pay respect to the oldest launcher for Android phones. Here's Go Launcher! It was here since Android was still 1.6. What users love about this launcher is a wide choices of 10,000 downloadable themes. You gotta trust this launcher, why? Because it has its long existence of a massive community of users. That alone tells us that this is no ordinary launcher.


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