Creative Zen MicroPhoto

The innovative Creative Zen MicroPhoto gets better leading upon the unique one by means of its somewhat larger 1.5-inch color OLED screen and a beefier 8GB hard drive, with slight developments, but it is the same gadgets most people be familiar with and love.

This MicroPhoto MP3 gadget is almost the same with its monochrome pioneer while at the moment the front face of the MicroPhoto is touched and sticks out slightly from its white plastic back. Unluckily, the buttons around the strip are touch sensitive and it will make it prone to the user to miscalculate and wind up in the wrong spot in the menu system. The little bumps in linking each buttons don’t aid a lot either, it will be much better if the bumps are the buttons just like the typical keys on most gadgets, but that’s innovation, trying to redesign the looks, etc. Just like its glowing blue outline and backlight buttons which makes you navigate even at the dark. Its measurements are still a solid 2 by 3.3 by 0.7 inches and weighs 3.8 ounces.

Synch with Windows-based PCs via Windows Media Player, despite the fact that you can also use the add in Creative MediaSource software. It also does not support content from, since most Creative’s players work with Audible services it might work with it soon.

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