Motorola RAZR V3x

This Razr is one killer, ranking at the top of the 10 sexiest gadgets this world has ever laid eyes on. This Motorola RAZR V3x had recently won the Best 3GSM Handset 2006 Award at the 3GSM World Congress just this year. Truly, it was aimed at melting the hearts of people who would easily fall over a gadget oozing with fashion and features. People like me, which is why I am so crazily into this Motorola RAZR V3x most especially with its disco flair that comes in a to-die-for hot pink version. You’ll surely heat up the streets if you’re taking this killer along in one of those hot party nights. If not, you’ll love just how it looks good just within your touch, sun up or sun down.

I’ve got mine just recently and dear, I swear, it gave me the oomph and the vava vroom! This phone made me an instant magnet to the people I interact with and is easily a centerpiece for conversation. Who wouldn’t notice this super sexy and ultra savvy tech gadget? Just its functions and features is enough as it is inherently sexy. But even more than that, it’s the eyes that tell sit all and I’ve got my eyes trapped on this one. The sexiness in Motorola RAZR V3x’s design is such a killer. Its compact and pleasingly curving body composed with clean lines and smooth curves and a little futuristic sprinkle to boot. Plus its hype, a glint form the light, vibrant color and eye-catching screen, you can almost forget it also comes wit a bundle of features and performance. No tech mobile in the entire milky way could ever be more high profile than this mobile phone The Motorola had assembled some gorgeous bunch of mobiles after all for the last decade or so and they can certainly certify that there more than just looks behind that sleek fa├žade.

And dig this further, you wouldn’t believe just how the people over at Motorola managed to cram all its amazing 3G trickery into its trim RAZR form. You wouldn’t even bet even in your wildest dreams that beyond that trademark gossamer chassis look is a bunch of high tech functionalities. Motorola has surpassed itself with this handset’s sleek appearance despite of an amazing diameter that is 5.7mm thicker. Along with the sexy look is a sexy attitude coming from the mobile’s V3’s feature set that’s had an overhaul into its 3G status. Now it has a camera that has two megapixels and a flash. The camera also comes with an auxiliary VGA lens which is included for video calling. The monitor now displays up to a 240x320-pixel resolution. To save up all those party flavors, the phones also comes with a TransFlash memory card slot that is up to 512MB, which is great in backing up the 64 MB internal memory of the mobile located under its back lid.

  • Phone type
  • 3G clamshell
  • Network(s)
  • WCDMA and GSM 900/1800/1900MHz
  • Wireless technology
  • Bluetooth
  • Colour Depth
  • 2.2-inch QVGA 262K-colour display (internal), 4K-colour display (external)
Spec details



Int. Display
262,000 colours 240x320 pixels

Ext. Display
4,096 colours 96x80 pixels

2 Mega Pixel Camera / VGA

Video calling/ streaming

Video recording / playback
Audio playback


Bluetooth, InfraRed, USB
Internal memory

64 MB embedded user memory
Memory card slot

512 MB via TransFlash memory card


Email client

Tri-band + 3G

145 mins

250 hours

Unfortunately however, the Razr only supports video playback. But not to worry, this is such a minor hassle that certainly won’t ruin the bigger pretty picture.


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