The Nokia N70 Cellular Phone

When Nokia produces a brand new phone, even if it’s is just an improvement, a little tweak here and there, from the previous – the whole world watches. This time, Nokia N70 has the whole world’s attention with its elegant classy look as formed by the stainless steel bezel that surrounds its screen and keypad.

But its not something we haven’t seen yet, as the Nokia N70 is akin to its predecessor, the Nokia 6680. They are both Nokia smart phones with similar design and most of the same specifications. However, as expected with any upgrade model, the N70 also has some amazing enhancements which serve its own model type. But is it worth it? Let’s see…

The Nokia N70 includes a 2-megapixel camera and improved handset design rendering its classica features. Some people consider it to be at a higher level because of its better reception compared to the other Nokia smart phones. This one has a loud signal and a wide range of file formats to choose from which can be used as a call signal. Among these are: MIDI (64-tones polyphony), True Tones (WB-AMR), WAV, MP3, AAC, AMR (NB-AMR), and eAAC+. To more people, it is said to be the best smartphone that doesn’t have a touchscreen. The N70 is better by being smaller, lighter, and with longer battery life. Its dimensions are those that are typical of a Nokia, that is, around 108.8 x 53x21.8 mm, with weight of 126 g. It looks a bit smaller though than the Nokia 6680 and more convenient to be carried anywhere. Its screen resolution is also standard with about 176x208 pixels and 2.13" in diagonal or 41x35 mm of active space. The screen is very much the same though with the Nokia 6680/6681 with 262K support. However, its display is considered by some as the best among the smartphones.

For the purposes of comparison, we’ll review in details the changes little improvement from the Nokia 6630 to the Nokia 6680 and now to the Nokia N70:

  • Active Standby application
  • More classical design
  • 262 K screen from the 65K ones
  • The camera interface has been redesigned so now you can enjoy new settings such as the following features: Automatic, User - user defined settings, Portrait in 1-2 m distance from the object, Landscape/scene if the object is far away, Night mode and a Sports mode for the faster moving objects. Also, the flash now works in four more sophisticated modes: automatic, anti-red eyes, and off. Meanwhile, its White balance modes are automatic, artificial light, sunny, cloudy, fluorescent lamp with effects like negative, sepia, and black and white. Brightness and contrast settings are adjustable while its digital zoom is up to x20.
  • FM radio
  • Thinner and more attractive design
  • Extra keys such as the new button have been added. This is placed right in the middle of the original phone setup where it opens the Gallery. Of course, you can also select for a customization option in the menu.
  • The new N70 has a breakthrough with its integrated FM-radio where its reception quality is good. To let you tune in to the right music, it has a good automatic search for radio stations.

However, on the downside, the Nokia N70 has a slower speed in comparison to most of the other mobile phones. It also has a very inconvenient red button which closes applications as well as a poor macro mode, a matte surface which is prone to scratches, very small keys and slow PC synchronization. In addition to this, it has no infrared port and some the setbacks of its predecessors have been dismissed into oblivion.
However, for the long and short of it, this is still one great successor of the Nokia line, especially that of the Nokia 6680. Though the improvements from the previous Nokia models are not drastically dramatic, the device is well worth the price especially as the new N70 comes with the PIM and multimedia applications that transform this Nokia into a PDA-phone for mobile professionals.

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