The Authentic Apple iPod

The Apple iPod is currently the best-selling portable media player in the world. After the iPod's first debut in 2001, it is now in its fifth generation, with each progressive generation introducing new features such as a color screen, larger capacity, and ability to play videos, and a move from Firewire to USB as the type of interface used to transfer data to and from a computer.

I joined the promos and definitely won worth 3000 E-money and used it to purchase iPod nano at the auction section of the site… What made me so pathetic is that in spite that I already knew that it was not an authentic iPod nano, but still I bought it right away maybe because the feeling of the excitement, but after a week of using the gadget the thing gets crazy… it just turns off itself while in the middle of playing. Until now it keeps on pissing me off everytime I used it. Grrr…

So, for those who wants to purchase Apple iPod and other gadgets, I will recommend for you to have a review on the gadget first, you can read it at Widgets and Gadgets.


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  3. sana bumili ka na lang ng sm gift checks ko instead of the fake nano. paulvr173cm