60GB Hi-Speed USB 2.0Mini Hard Drive

Good thing we found out about the compact storage that is good for people on the go. This 60GB USB-powered Mini Hard Drive is really tailored for the people who sprint here and there for the series of conferences, meetings and what-have-you’s, as it is ultra lightweight and can be conveniently carried in our pockets. What’s more, it requires no external power supply. Quite literally, this is just like bringing your entire hard disk from your desktop PC or MAC, only this time it is now a high capacity travel companion that gives you the freedom to go places without getting out of touch with your files. This 60GB USB-powered Mini Hard Drive lets you take your very important files, photos and even music just about anywhere. With its capacity, the 60GB USB-powered Mini Hard Drive can let you save up to 240,000 photos, 90 hours of video or 1,110 hours of music. What’s more, it comes with a stylish leather carrying case so that you wouldn’t look like you’re too busy with work.

The 60GB Hi-Speed USB 2.0Mini Hard Drive is guaranteed to be also better, quieter, and faster than the other external Hard Drives. It is Ultra Portable as it weighs only a meager 3.5 ounces and you can slip the Mini Hard Drive anywhere to be with you. It is also easy to use because it is USB powered and you need no external power supply to turn it on. It is very versatile as it allows you to switch it On or Off so you can have control over its power.

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