Nike + iPod Sport Kit

Your shoes talk, your ipod nano listens and get performance feedback as you run

Fitness buffs, now you don’t need to have or look for your buddy to join with you on your fitness routine like jogging when they are not available since Nike Plus iPod Sports Kit is here. This gadget can be your MP3 player and at the same time your accelerometer. Accelerometer is an instrument that measures acceleration, which can be used to determine such information as speed and distance. So, tracking your work out is easy, with Apple and Nike announced the first fruit of their new partnership, the Nike + iPod Sport Kit.

This very small accessory package consists of a transmitter (the actual accelerometer) designed to fit specially-designed Nike running shoes, a small receiver that attaches to the dock-connector port on any iPod nano (other iPod models aren’t supported), and iPod software that provides feedback on the time, distance, and pace of your running or walking workout. The Nike + iPod Sport Kit offers many of the features of pricey workout hardware at the remarkably low price of only $29. (Plus the cost of an iPod nano, of course.) I put this nifty, thrifty workout companion through its (and my) paces.


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