Japanese commuters can now stay tuned on crowded trains, with what's called the world's smallest wearable TV.

"Teleglass T3-F" is attached to glasses like a jeweler's eyepiece, with a remote control arm extending a mini-screen.

Using this gadget, you can enjoy video by yourself with one eye while talking, walking and working with other people without disturbing them.

Teleglass T3-F device can also be attached to portable video players such as iPods, allowing users to select a variety of videos to watch while on the go.

which can be attached to the side of a pair of glasses and is operated with a remote control.

The Teleglass T3-F weighs 27 grams and users can view the TV images equivalent to a 28-inch screen located two metres away while ensuring the users' normal visual field, the Tokyo-based company says.

A set of the wearable display, a controller, a pair of titanium framed glasses, a battery charger and cables will be sold in Japan from Tuesday at 98,000 yen (£410).

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