Computer Flat Screens Spell Death to CRT's

By Graham Fitton

Have you tried to buy a computer lately? Chances are if you have you will know that with the latest systems it's all about computer flat screens. When my old CRT monitor died recently, I went out and replaced it with my first computer flat screen and I'm just loving it. The differences are so great that I wonder why I had waited so long to take the plunge.

The major difference I first noticed is the fantastic image quality in my new LCD monitor. Compared to my old junky old CRT screen. It is not only sharper and clearer, but it has a much better refresh rate. Another benefit I immediately noticed is the eyestrain and subsequent headaches I used to get form my old CRT computer screen have disappeared.

Another huge benefit of having a computer flat screen is the smaller size. Computer flat screens are incredibly space efficient with a very small footprint on my desk. My old CRT screen was the major piece of equipment on my desk, but with my new LCD monitor there is suddenly heaps of room for all my other things.

In the early days of computer flat screens they were very expensive. Like any new technology they also had technical issues like dead pixels and so on. The modern technology has been improved enormously, and it like any electronic item in a more mature stage of its life cycle has come down in price significantly. These days a brand name computer flat screen is only marginally more expensive than the same sized CRT monitor.

If you are putting together a new computer then there really isn't a good reason not to get a computer flat screen. The money saved by choosing a CRT monitor is very little, and you'll have a bulky piece of space hungry equipment to contend with as a result. I would be surprised to see any CRT monitors for sale in the market in the near future, and so they will have disappear forever.

Next time you find yourself in a store that sells monitors, check out their selection of computer flat screens. Once you know which model you want you can go home or back to the office and do a quick search for them online to find the best price. You might be surprised on how cheap they've become recently!

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