AT&T and T-Mobile Merged!?

America's biggest network AT&T decides to buy wireless competitor T-Mobile for $39 Billion. This is a huge deal indeed and there are a lot of questions from their subscribers.

But for me when 2 certain big companies merge into one like this it will give a good possibility that will further make their services better. Maybe this merger of AT&T and T-Mobile will give access to few more devices and flexibility of their scope of services.

If this merge of AT&T and T-Mobile succeed and in-fact the two have compatible networks, will it be a possibility that Verizon will become far more behind on this market? Competion is also good because it will be the meter stick for making each services better.

From the Shayndi Raice and Anupreeta Das at the Wall Street Journal:

On Sunday, AT&T pitched the deal as a way to solve network congestion, by combining two operators using the same technology and alleviating a spectrum shortage that would keep T-Mobile from building a next-generation network.

At $39 billion, AT&T would be paying a significant premium to most analysts' estimates for T-Mobile. Bank of America Merrill Lynch valued the subsidiary in December at about $23.2 billion, while a team from JPMorgan Cazenove valued it at about $25.5 billion.

The deal is expected to be a boon for Wall Street with more than half a dozen firms collecting hundreds of millions of dollars in fees. Andrew Ross Sorkin, Michael J. de la Merced and Jenna Wortham from the New York Times explained.

Well, I am pretty sure that this move by AT&T is for the good of their company and for the good of their subscribers. SO let's just be positive about the things happened like this.

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