What's new with Blogger this 2011?

Introducing template designer, real-time stats, comments spam filtering, mobile templates, web fonts, and more. 2011 is gonna be an exciting year for Blogger because of the major changes they've been doing to make Blogger even more better for Bloggers.

I thought Google won't consider a major changes on the way Blogger looks and function. A lot of blogger users used to transfer to Wordpress because it seems wordpress blog is updated regularly and blogger updates is so slow. But I was so amazed by the new changes and improvements they did on the new interface of the new Blogger.

They showed the next-generation user interface of the new Blogger for 2011 at SXSW.

The new design uses Google Web Toolkit, to deliver the latest in web technology and to make your blogging experience the best!

From its old post editor interface:

To the new post editor:

The current Dashboard looks like this:

They developed it to a new looks:

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