Nokia N9 Simply Beautiful - All it Takes is a Swipe Away

Who said Nokia cannot compete with the latest of mobile phones today, like android and iOS phones? Well, I think I did with my Nokia E7 blogpost. But here comes Nokia's newly launched mobile phone, the Nokia N9 is Nokia's long-awaited MeeGo smartphone.

Finally, I can say that Nokia is coming back to try to assume back their reputation as number one mobile phone company.

Nokia N9 has a great three core home views/screens, Menu application launcher view where all the applications installed in the device, multitasking where you can switch from one application to another application and the notifications windows which will be populated by phone calls, calendar alerts, and social network updates. That alone showed a good impression from me. I love the well organized of the applications.

The 3.9-inch AMOLED screen (854 x 480) which covers the whole phone makes it looks like the iPhone, as what some people commented that the industrial design cues were taken from Apple. But who cares? That’s the new dimension of mobile phone today. What’s important is the performance and that’s where mobile companies are competing today.

Nokia N9 comes with 16GB or 64GB of onboard memory and 1GB of RAM but it has no microSD expandability, but you can hot-swap the MicroSIM card without needing to reboot the handset.

The cover of the phone are made of a polycarbonate shell that's colored all the way through, so scratches won't show, unless that’s a really deep scratch.

The camera button for the 8 megapixel wide-angle shooter, which is capable of aperture F2.2 for low light picture taking and true 16:9 720p video recording. And gladly! They didn’t forget to put AF shooter, with just a touch anywhere on the screen, you can select which part to focus on when taking a picture.

With OMAP3630 1 Ghz processor and a PowerVR SGX530 GPU makes it fast and easier to use. Nokia is known as the user-friendly phone and they still didn’t fail to keep that reputation because N9 is easy to use and it all takes is a swipe to enjoy this beautifully simple Nokia N9.

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