Nokia E7 Communicator

Over the pass 2 years, I can see that Nokia phones has been declining its visibility and its number of users around the world, specially in Asia’s text capital of the world where Nokia became the national phone of the Philippines. Maybe because of the great marketing strategies Apple has been doing with their over-rated iPhones.

This year, iPhone swiftly soar its sales leaving other phone brands behind. Even myself was brainwashed that the only phone people are using today are iPhones. (JK) But seriously, Apple company did a great job on it’s marketing that even iPad is competing the market nowadays threatening to make laptops an old-fashioned portable computers.

Anyway, I know this phone has been released in the market few months ago, but I wasn’t able to pay attention to this because I was busy with the APPLEs. But today, while browsing some youtube videos, I saw an ads on the side about Nokia E7 the latest communicator of Nokia. I think it is because of Apple that Nokia signed a partnership with Microsoft to compete on the market.

Okay, so I checked about this new flagship device of Nokia phone.

On the first glance it looks like the bigger version of Nokia N8 but thinner than the latter. But I love the sliding QWERTY key of E7 aside from its 4" ClearBlack AMOLED touch screen, but I have hesitations on using a sliding or flip phones, as I have been using few of that kind before and with a little mishandling... few breaks on the gadgets are sure to be visible.

Of course, it has camera with 8 megapixel picture resolutions. Not bad for a camera phone when we talk about resolutions but is not good enough because it has no auto focus… how can I get closer pictures with that? But I don’t look for camera when purchasing a phone, so camera won’t impress me that much.

E7’s OS is definitely Symbian, if in computers I consider symbian of windows XP right now that there are higher versions of Windows OS. Android and iOS phones are best in the market today that supports a lot of apps available online that most users nowadays considers when buying phones.

The $679 price of this phone for me is not so justifiable for a not so impressive phone. That is why it didn’t reach the top of the Mobile phone market this year.

With that... I still go for Android phones.

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