Apple iPhone 6 will have More Memory Storage?

It is said on the report from that one of the new handsets could be using a Toshiba 128 GB NAND Flash Chip. Well, we are not sure yet about this report because last year when the rumors about iPhone 5S to have a 128GB of storage also didn't happened.

But this time there is a some kind of an evidence that it is about to happen with the new iPhone 6 handsets.  The guys over at GeekBar (a phone repair company) reportedly unearthed a new schematic for the iPhone 6, which suggests that the upcoming flagship phone will sport 128 GB of storage. Well, that is a good news for all iPhone lovers out there... this is the time for them to maximize their iPhone handsets, but I am also a bit sad because it is still doesn't support expansion slots for external memory... (Boo hoo)

128 GB would allow Apple to charge a price premium, as well as matching the storage options available on the iPad Air.

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