What is Microsoft's Surface Mini?

Speculations of the Microsoft's smaller Surface Tablet has been around few months ago and now, it was rumored to be launch around this May. But the question was what really is the new Surface Mini? What does it looked like and what is the deminsion/size of the upcoming Surface Mini by Microsoft?

Recently, Vostrostone (VSTN), an electronics wholesaler, posted to Amazon.com a couple of photos of cases purported to be for Microsoft's Surface Mini. The availability date for the cases is May 18, 2014.

It was rumored that the Surface mini will be something with a screen size of between seven and eight inches. It was also said that the Surface mini will have a stylus - a real, digitizing pen, in this case, not a capacitive stylus. Surface Mini has also been rumored that it would be ARM-based processor.

Anyway, on the Amazon site where the photos of the case for Surface Mini was posted has the following details (Take Note: The images of the tablet are 8-inch Lenovo Windows tablet, so don't be confused. But one of the VSTN cases shown on Amazon specifically indicates it is only for a Microsoft Surface Mini and also protects the keyboard for the device.):

Specifically designed cutouts for Microsoft Surface Mini tablet ,Access to all ports and controls
Foldable front flip gives you perfect viewing angle
Precise cut-outs with full access to all controls and features
Premium quality PU leather with microfiber interior

These are all speculations until Microsoft announces the tablet.

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