TE 469 Copenhagen 8.4" Slim Portable Tablet DVD Player

Worlds first tablet DVD player is here, an 8.4” high-resolution super slim LCD screen displays movies the way you can see on regular DVD’s in full 16:9 wide screen film format. You have no struggles to find place for this device to set up because of its laptop-style design. Perfect for watching movies on travel, on the car, on the train, anywhere you want to, its endless as it is portable. You can launch it anywhere in your kitchen, office, anywhere in your home. Audio/video jacks (includes AV cables) are built-in so you can connect it to any standard television and it has separate AC and DC adaptors that lets you power up at home or on travel. Its battery is rechargeable that can give you a continuous three hours playing time. Buying another DVD players for other TVs is not necessary since it is competent to play DVD, DVD-R, VCD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW and MP3 discs. Including on its features are Dolby stereo sound, advanced V.S.S., 4:3 TV format and 16:9 wide screen movie format, Zoom mode and headphone jack.

The world's first super-slim tablet portable DVD player! Watch movies on a full 8.4" widescreen LCD! Only ONE INCH THIN!

· Experience the most advanced portable movie theater ever designed
· Super slim DVD player and monitor is only 1" thick
· World's first ever side loading tablet style DVD player
· 8.4" high resolution (480 x 234 pixels) super slim LCD screen
· Play movies in 4:3 television format or 16:9 wide screen movie format
· Compact size makes it ideal for watching movies anywhere
· Display on countertop or desk with built-in stand
· Easier to use than more cumbersome laptop style players
· Wall or car mountable
· Audio/Video jacks allow for connection to other televisions
· Rechargeable battery provides over 3 hours of playing time
· Can be powered by AC power outlets at home or DC car outlets
· Capable of playing DVD, DVD-R, VCD, CD, CD-R, CD-RW and MP3 disks
· Additional features include Dolby stereo sound, zoom mode and headphone jack

Product Specifications:
Measures 9.4"W x 7"H x 1"D (without battery) / 9.4"W x 9.25"H x 1"D (with battery)
Weighs 4.90 lbs
Comprehensive accessory package includes rechargeable battery, AC home power adaptor, DC car power adaptor, remote control and neoprene carrying pouch.
Optional car mounting bracket is available.

Product Specifications:
· Measures 9.4"W x 7"H x 1"D (without battery) / 9.4"W x 9.25"H x 1"D (with battery)
· Weighs 4.90 lbs
· Unit box: 16.5"W x 11.5"H x 4"D
· Gross weight: 6 lbs

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