SteriPEN Portable UV Water Purifier

SteriPEN is a portable water purifier using a UV light to kill bacterial contamination on your drinking water, perfect for those individuals who loves adventure on places where water is not sure safe to drink. A compact, lightweight and easy to use gadget for your health, most efficient solution to protect your self from contaminated drinking water.

To use this gadget is so easy, just turn it on and stick the SteriPEN into your glass of water, stir for about 45 seconds and voila! You have a safe drinking water in an instant; leaving you with safe, clean drinking water.

Who needs this gadget?

For hikers and campers, this is a relieve for you. Say goodbye to those bulky and heavy to transport purified water dispensers. Just use the device by taking a glass of stream water near the campsites and you are ready to drink it. For tourists, we are not sure if the drinking water on your destination were safe or not, so make sure this gadget/device is ready to use for those dream vacation you been planning. Most especially, for everyone’s emergency kit.

This gadget needs four AA batteries, but fortunately there’s no battery supplied when you purchase it, but it has limited lifetime warranty, Hmm… generous manufacturer!!!

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