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Gadgets for students

Intel.com gives these lists for college students nowadays, because they know that today’s instructors are utilizing technology to constrain student education, and so with the parents are taking on the digital solutions to boost campus safety for their children. A new PC is not enough and one of the most significant tools for college student on this generation; nevertheless, they need a range of different gadgets as fundamentals for their college life.

1. Flexible Laptop PCs Ready for the Wireless Campus

The majority of college students go for a laptop PC to save space on their dorm room or pad and to escalate their portability. Laptops is portable and space saving that makes it easy to transport and today’s big buzz is the wireless access to the Internet. Whether you are at your dorm or at the campus, at the mall or anywhere that has wireless connection or hot spots, you can be connected anytime and do research for your lessons or play and chat or even post a new blog topic. You can always stay up to date on the latest news and free to communicate around the world using this can’t go without it gadget “Laptop”.

According to the 2004 National Survey of Information Technology in U.S. Higher Education, fully four-fifths (81.1 percent) of the campuses report having wireless LANs, up from 77.2 percent last year, 67.9 percent in 2002 and 29.6 percent in 2000. Across all sectors, the 2004 data reveal that wireless networks are available in more than a third (35.5 percent) of college classrooms, ranging from 47.4 percent in private universities to 24.8 percent in community colleges.

To take full advantage of the wireless lifestyle at college these days, your best bet is a system based on Intel® Centrino® Duo mobile technology. Laptop PCs with Intel Centrino mobile technology feature integrated wireless LAN capability with breakthrough mobile performance, while enabling improved battery life—in designs from thin and light to full size. +

2. All-In-One Entertainment Laptop or Desktop PC

A TV set, DVD player, stereo and desktop PC is too many for those undersized dorm, so the latest generation all-in-one desktop PCs and laptops set an amazing features, offering students by way of space-saving edge along with the power and flexibility to work, study and play.

Tip: All-in-one desktops PCs based on the Intel® Pentium® 4 Processor supporting Hyper-Threading Technology† give students added flexibility by allowing the PC to run two multimedia applications simultaneously, such as watching a movie for a Cinema class project while converting music in the background. Models based on the new Intel® 915G/P and 925XE Express chipsets also boast robust graphics capability, high-speed memory and support to enable cutting-edge surround sound audio for home theater-quality sound with movies and games.

In the past year, a new breed of Intel Centrino mobile technology-based entertainment laptops started appearing. These large screen, multimedia super-charged mobile systems offer another path for the student looking for the ultimate in all-in-one productivity and fun rolled into one package. Toshiba's Qosmio* and Fujitsu's* Lifebook N series include a built-in TV tuner, and like their desktop counterparts, include Microsoft's Media Center edition of the Windows XP operating system and a remote control. A fun twist, however, is that these entertainment laptops offer instant on buttons that will activate the TV tuner or play music or movie discs in seconds, without having to fully boot up first.

3. Color or Monochrome Printer

Many students nowadays turn in assignments and term papers on CD’s or Flash disk or sometimes just email them to their professors, as it is rapidly changing to all electronic activities. But, paper reports are still there as element of the college life. So, a general purpose color or monochrome printer is a must have item for the majority of students and it is because you already have the PC why not pair it with a printer. You might want to print those capture moments you had with your friends other than reports.

But if you are not a graphics enthusiast go for a personal laser monochrome printer, a low-cost one for those printed text for your paper reports.

Tip: If your student plans to frequently print color photos and other graphics-heavy materials, opt for an inkjet printer with separate color ink cartridges as opposed to lower cost models with a single black and single multi-color cartridge. Or, go for the gold and get a color laser printer. And if your student is packing a digital camera off to school, encourage him or her to use one of the many online photo printing services to save using up costly ink cartridges.

4. Smart Cell Phone or PDA

These days, it is necessary for an individual especially the college students to have a cell phone, this gadget is one of those necessities list we have. An all-in-one handheld computer like PDA will do but I think most high sophisticated cell phones now are almost like a PDA. But if you have a Laptop with you, maybe a cell phone is enough. But PDA is just so handy that even a laptop is bulky sometimes compare to the PDA.

5. Web Camera

A great way for communication today is that you can see who you are talking too with the use of the web camera. It is cheaper than calling using a 3G Mobile phone. So communicating with family members or friends are just a web camera away thru internet video camera phone calls. Web cameras can be found for approximately $100.

Tip: Once you've installed a Web cam, students can use the free video conferencing feature of America Online's Instant Messenger*, Microsoft's Messenger* and Yahoo Messenger* to talk with friends or conduct a two-way video exchange with a family

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