HP Veer Smartphones

Compared to regular smartphones today like iPhones, Samsung Galaxy phones and other big bulky smartphones that has been out in the market for awhile now, HP Veer smartphone is trying to go on different track by making this powerful smartphone smaller than the conventional smartphones.

Yes, HP Veer is tiny and I want my smartphone portable as possible I want. iPhone and the likes are already bulky for me and that makes me lazy to bring it anywhere I go. HP Veer is just a size of your ATM or Credit card and that is what portability means. Being small doesn't mean it can only do small things.

The screen is just 320 x 400 pixels but mind you... I have been using a larger smartphones and as a person as busy as me, I don't spend a lot of time browsing with my phone and a lot of applications I have on my iPhone are rarely used and that means they are useless. I used my Smartphones for checking emails on the go, browsing or reading news on the road but browsing or watching streaming videos online... that I rarely do, so BIG and BULKY smartphones for me is not an absolute yes, that is why I go for smaller ones.

800-MHz Qualcomm Snapdragon processor is just right for basic browsing and doing some screen thingy to work. It can also share internet connection by making it as a mobile hotspot to share internet access up to 5 devices. It also supports HSPA+the GSM version of 3G wireless Technology.

Though its tiny keyboard slides below the screen are tiny, but that is not a problem because I used phones with tiny buttons before and I am doing fine with them.

Tweet, update your status, and upload photos and videos from where you’re standing and those are what I usually been doing with my Bulky Big smartphones. It also supports a lot of mobile apps available that most people are going gaga with their iPhones and other BIG smartphones. So this small but powerful enough to compete with the BIG ones is very affordable and I like it because it can do multitasking!

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