Leaked iPhone 6 Case?

Speculations said that the next iPhone (iPhone 6) will be bigger than its predecessors.Leaked case shows that the iPhone 6 will have a larger screen. A little smaller than the Samsung Galaxy S5, much bigger than the current iPhone 5 and a lot like the size of a Nexus 5 and thinner.

Has Apple follows the bandwagon of larger display Smartphones like that of Samsung? Well, as people getting excited and wanted to know the next generation iPhone, the video below will show you what the iPhone 6 looked like as the leaked case has been reviewed. The leaked case of iPhone 6 were compared to the following - current iPhone 5s (too small), the Galaxy Note 3 (too big) and the Nexus 5 (just right!). This is the first tangible physical evidence of what the iPhone 6 will looked like.

If the leaked iPhone 6 case is legitimate, Apple will finally making the next gen iPhones larger. But I want the iPhone to be just right for my pocket, it's kinda handy for my hand, not too bulky to carry anywhere and just right. If I want a bigger screen I would buy a tablet or an iPad. I just hope iPhone will stick to their original design of an iPhone and not going with the larger screen battles.

Well, it is just a 3rd party case for the upcoming iPhone 6. Who knows that case was from China where they can make different variations of a device and not really a legitimate iPhone 6 case.

On another note, again if it is really legit, I think they wouldn't call it iPhone 6... should it be iPhone Air? What you think?

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