Multi-Media Jacket

From BBC news - Technology (Cebit 2006: The latest Gadgets.

Sports clothing firm O'Neill is set to launch a jacket with a built-in keypad that lets you control your iPod or mobile phone without exposing your hands to the cold.

Developed in conjunction with German firm Interactive-Wear the winter sports jacket has five buttons on the left forearm that link via a control box to your phone or music player that sits snug in an inside pocket.

Jurgen Thalmayer, sales manager for Interactive Wear, said the O'Neill jacket will have buttons to turn devices on and off, raise or lower volume or make and end calls.

A microphone sewn into the collar of the coat works via Bluetooth short range radio with the control box in the jacket so wearers can make and take calls while ski-ing.

Mr. Thalmayer said the jacket should go on sale in time for Winter 2007 and should cost about 500 euros (P32,000+).

A backpack with similar controls built in, plus a camera that sits on one of the shoulder straps, will go on sale at the same time. The backpack should cost about 350 euros (P22,000+).

This gear will surely not hot on some tropical countries like Philippines and the like, but if you feel like using it… why not? Just make sure it is rainy season.

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